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IT Future Expo 2014 on National Stadium, Warsaw, Poland. A short report

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Something I almost forgot about… The first edition of IT Future Expo from 10th to 11th of June, 2014 on National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland took place. This event was connected with two other important occasions – first, IT Future Awards – IT Leaders 2014 contest which was finalized with official evening gala on 10th of June, where the results of previous on-line voting were presented and, at the same time, IT Future Expo was initiated; second, IT Future Congress, a conference related to IT market trends in Poland which held place on 11th of June, alongside the main expo. Great place, great moments to remember…


On the way to the IT Future Awards 2014 Gala - with Ilona, my wife

 On the way to the IT Future Awards 2014 Gala - with Ilona, my wife


There were 17 winners in 17 different categories of IT Leaders 2014 contest honoured during IT Future Awards Gala. Everything took place in one of the rooms of National Stadium with good food, wines and atmosphere. It was also a great occasion to talk with guests and exchange some experience with presidents, decision makers, IT experts and Polish, as well as international, market regulators, who have direct influence on the shape of the IT industry. The gala was conducted by Mr Robert Jasionek, business journalist (IT Manager magazine) and events moderator.

Between the categories of IT Leaders 2014 contest there were the following winners:

  • Symantec – Backup & Storage Leader
  • Apollogic – Bi Trends
  • Astrafox – BPM Leader
  • LoVo – Cloud Computing
  • Acte – Computer & Equipment Technology
  • Beyond.pl– Data Center Leader
  • 2ClickShop – E-commerce Innovation
  • BPSC – ERP Trends
  • AXIT – Industry Dedicated IT Solutions
  • Versim – Infrastructure Innovation
  • Versoft – Innovative IT Startup
  • Evercom – IT Security
  • AirWatch – IT Services Leader
  • BSSG – Knowledge Management
  • MaxCom – Mobile Trends
  • Adrem Software – Network
  • LikeSoft – Workflow Management


Being a member of the contest jury, which was a real credit for me, I have to say that not all winners were compliant with my personal choices, however some of them were. For obvious reasons the most interesting categories for me were: Backup & Storage Leader, Cloud Computing, Data Center Leader, Infrastructure Innovation, IT Security, IT Services Leader and Network. Quite a lot… It was definitely a nice evening and start of the next day attractions.


5 minutes before official opening of IT Future Awards 2014 Gala, Warsaw, Poland

5 minutes before official opening of IT Future Awards 2014 Gala, Warsaw, Poland 


On the 11th of June, at 9 AM, IT Future Expo was opened. In the exhibition hall there were more than 100 companies from Poland and Europe presenting their products, services and solutions. All the exhibitors prepared original attractions for guests – my personal best was the truck of Wagner, a company which offers an interesting fire prevention system -  OxyReduct:


In my opinion this is a very interesting promotional video of OxyReduct system - presented by WAGNERMEFZE


Not only I had an occasion to see the promotional movie – which I’ve found very informative – but also I was invited to the truck, to feel how it is to breathe with the modified air in the protected server room. For me – the conditions were satisfying. The whole idea to prevent and not to suppress the actual fire in the protected room seems very interesting.


OxyReduct truck - as presented by WAGNERMEFZE. This truck was available on IT Future Expo 2014


OxyReduct truck in Warsaw, IT Future Expo 2014

Wagner's OxyReduct truck during IT Future Expo 2014, Warsaw, Poland. In my honest opinion, it was one of the most interesting exhibitions. Moreover, there was something for smaller data centre enthusiasts...


OxyReduct trucks - gadgets from IT Future Expo 2014

... Two small OxyReduct trucks for my sons


Additionally, there was another interesting solution for me – VISOCORE Verify system by Bundes Druckerei – presented by inCO company from Poland. This was a really nice solution for all organizations which can be harmed by identity thieves, including banks, financial institutions, car rental companies, government and administration offices, as well as border guards and similar services. This system was presented in a very interesting manner, giving an occasion to even check the authenticity of our own ID documents.

Also, concurrently there were some extra events prepared by the exhibitors, as well as IT Future Congress – a dedicated conference on the current IT market trends in Poland. It is reported by the event organizer – Pure Expo, a division of Pure Conferences – that there were more than 1600 guests during the main day of IT Future Expo 2014. Such number can be considered low, but we should always remember that the market size in Poland, however continuously growing, is not as big as in the Germany, UK or USA. Please note, that this was the first edition – so we may agree that was a good start for a periodic event. Therefore, all the best for the organizers and see you next year – I hope.

To summarize, I was impressed and satisfied with my attendance on IT Future Expo, including official IT Future Awards Gala. Not only this was a time during which I satisfied my personal IT interests and updated some professional knowledge, but also I had a great occasion to represent my company – Nordea IT Polska Sp. z o.o.




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